Fear of Lassa Fever Trails Apapa Residents as 500 Rats Gets Killed

Report coming in has it that residents of Apapa-iganmu Local Council Development Area have claimed no fewer than 500 rats as part of the effort to avert the spread of lassa fever.

This was revealed during an interaction with the Deputy Governor of the state Dr. (Mrs.) Idiat Adebule on Saturday during the January edition of monthly environmental sanitation exercise.

Earlier, Adebule who was on a monitoring exercise lamented the high level of environmental pollution and degradation in some parts of the state, saying the habit could result in epidemic outbreak and spread of diseases like in the state.
She expressed grave concern over the dirty nature of their environment.

The Deputy Governor who was visibly disturbed by the indifference exhibited by some residents to their environment, especially in some areas under Apapa-Iganmu Local Council Development Area, enjoined the people to be wary of the dangers of unhygienic environment.
She said, “Quite frankly, I am not very pleased with what i saw, a situation where street sweepers would be the ones sweeping the front of people’s houses, it is unheard of that some of our people just sit back watching us going round, some of them were even sleeping, they need to realize that a clean environment is a healthy environment suitable for habitation, so they need to change their attitude and own their environment.”

Stressing on the need to continue sensitization, Adebule said that the  government would stop at nothing to ensure continued sensitization of the people.
She also said that health and environment officials would soon be deployed to areas to educate and engage them in seeing the importance of clean environment.

“Our health officials will go back there and not only that; the Ministry of Environment will also have to go back there and sensitise the people but again, it’s about attitudinal change,” she said....................................

Eradicating almost all the rats in your area isn't the best solution, because we, humans are also carriers of this very deadly disease. Someone who must have been infected from somewhere else could possibly infect someone who then begins to spread it.
Develop yourself, observe personal hygiene, that's if you don't before, what do you eat and where do they come from? These are very important questions that need urgent attention and could go a long way in curbing the spread of this fever.

May God help us all.
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