Traveling as a Family or Separately, Which is Better?....(share your thought)

How do you plan your travel with family?

Traveling with loved ones especially one's family is one of a kind especially where it generates a lot of topical issues and other "petty petty" gists to be talked about. Apart from that there's this sensational feeling of being secured.

However, it would be too quick and unrealistic to deny the fact that these days we are often greeted with series of news stories about unlucky events that have claimed the lives of many, most especially that of a whole family, where they happen to be victims of circumstances that would "seem" beyond human control. Most of these circumstances come in the form of motor accident or plane crash.

Sometime ago a very dear friend of mine shared with me her family experience. According to her, during one of the festive periods, she and her family were to travel down to their home town, while on their way, something tragic happened which almost claimed the lives of her own family including hers. Due to the hot temperature of their car, they had to stop and park by the road side just for the hotness to cool off before they continued, but unknown to them an oncoming Van which had apparently lost break almost ran into them, if not that they were already out of the car by then it would have been a different story. Of course it damaged their car. Since then,  they've all been travelling separately....(quite touching right?)

You all remember James Ocholi, the minister of state for labour and productivity, who died in an auto crash with his wife and son last month leaving five children alive? HERE for details.

If truth be told, we all live with one atom of fear or the other anytime occasions like this call for our attention. But still, there's nothing more interesting and boredom free gravitating with our beloved ones together than journeying separately......yet some are ready to trade that for anything.....what do you think?
Share your opinion.......

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3 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's why we pray fervently before going. I would choose family together. Won't think twice on that

Eze Ogechukwu said...

travelling together is the best so far

Anonymous said...

Well I personally prefer travelling alone so I can scope out all the potential hotties in the bus without my dad's scrutiny.