Cultists bury motorist alive in Lagos (See Photo)

A war is brewing in the Mushin area of Lagos State after some suspected cultists dragged a motorist out of a commercial bus and buried him alive. PUNCH Metro learnt that the yet-to-be-identified victim
was on his
way to the Oyingbo area of the state.He was said to
have been dragged out of the bus at the Total bus stop in the Mushin end of the Ikorodu Road.
A witness, Jacob Amos, said the incident happened around 8pm on Wednesday, adding that policemen from the Alakara Police Division were alerted. He said,
“The man was in the bus when he was
dragged out at Total bus stop. They
brought him into Mushin and immediately
alerted the policemen from Alakara.
“The police went to Adewusi Street, and
searched the place for more than one
hour, but they did not find anything. They
patrolled the place and when they did not
see anything, they left.
“Around 10pm when everybody had gone
home, they brought the man to the
Railway Line and push him from head
down into a filled canal. Only his leg was
sticking out.”
The victim was said to have died soon afterwards.Our correspondent learnt that policemen from Alakara later arrived on Thursday to remove the corpse. A witness, who did not identify himself, said the police ordered him to pull out the corpse from the murky water. Friends of the deceased from Market Street, Oyingbo, were said to have shown up to identify him.
A resident lamented that the police in the area, were not doing enough to arrest the unrest in Mushin, lamenting that there were saboteurs in the force. He said it was the second time in a week that people
from the Oyingbo area would be hounded and killed in Mushin, which could start a war between the two communities. He said, “The police in this area have been
compromised. When we called them
yesterday that someone had been captured around Oyewusi Street, an
informant of the cultists whom we
suspect work with the police, quickly
alerted the guys and they left the place.
“They brought the victim to our side to
make it look as if we are responsible for
his death. Their plan is to set the Oyingbo
boys against us and trigger a war.”
Residents of the area alleged that the increased killing of suspected cult members from Oyingbo was orchestrated by one Rilwan, aka Itakun. Other men said to be in the group are White, Ese Chicago, Ina, Anarchy and Riliwanu. The source said Itakun had his family house in Oyingbo and left the area due to persecution by some suspected
He said, “After he left, he started living in
Mushin with a gang member. Later, he
decided to start paying back those he
perceived as the leaders of the gang in
“Last week, he invited one Tunde Eleto to
Mushin and the man was stabbed and shot dead by his squad,” he added.
However, another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, denied that anyone was killed in the community.
He said, “There is nothing like that.
Nobody was killed on the Railway Line or
anywhere for that matter.”
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