Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Beautiful Plans for His Son, Wants Him to Become....

Ace footballer and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his thoughts and plans towards his son. As a great lover of the round leather game, Ronaldo wants his son, Cristiano Jnr. to do him the favour of following his footstep by becoming a footballer but admit he won't force him.
Reports making the rounds from China on Monday, says the Real Madrid superstar revealed his little boy is turning out to be quite the athlete even at the age of five.
“I want my son to be a player. I am a footballer and I want him to be one too. I think he has something of an athlete about him, he has athletic characteristics.
“Obviously he is very young, a baby, he’s only five but he loves football, that is a big plus,” 31-year-old
Ronaldo said to Chinese channel, Zhejiang Satellite TV, which is filming Ronaldo as part of a reality show based around him.
Ronaldo spends his time away from Real Madrid practicing with his boy and would love to see him become a footballing legend like himself.
But Ron does not want Cristiano Jr to feel as though he has to play football and wants him to make his own choices.
He added: “I have 30 balls at home, he is always with the ball and he loves it. But I will not force him to be a player because it comes naturally, it has to be his choice.
“He will be whatever he wants to be, I am not going to push him at all.
“But obviously I want Cristiano to be a player. A top one, like his dad.”

Like Father Like Son.....he'll surely make a great player. Or won't he?

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