ARTICLE: Tired Of School.....By Augustus Bill

For long I have wondered why I have to sit behind a desk for 4 years, preparing myself so I could be qualified to sit behind another desk for the most part of my life. I have to say this, as much "stubborn and irresponsible" as it may sound, after all that's what our tutors call us when we revolt against their static and aged techniques of teaching.
I wonder why my department still has on her payroll, a teacher who was a student in the 20th century; someone who has never been to any other institution of learning both formal or informal in this 21st century. So what do they expect him to teach me? ideologies and techniques as old as antiques. Black and white television has migrated to coloured TVs, it's no longer Nitel lines but smartphones, no longer VCR but micro-chips. A lot has changed, but this tutor has refused to change his techniques, same old ways.

I get to class everyday to meet same boring face with a long history of techniques that has no business with now. A class where notes are dictated in practical courses as graphics and computer science; where they only paint a mental picture of a studio and not take me to the studio itself, but expect me to produce a TV program. A class where my tutor on "Journalism and new media" has no social media account, even when he has he doesn't accept friend requests from students.
In this 21st century I am still being asked to define communication, and when I define the term in the best way I understand it, I earn a D because I didn't define it according to Saldman et al. A definition that was made when Nigeria still had 12states, now we have 36 and my tutors still want me to keep to that.
I hate school, I wish I could stop, but who am I to stop school when I have parents that expect a first class grade from a son who no longer attends class, but have chosen to improve his talent, after all that's what matters in the real world.
Certificate without talents in this 21st century is like a complimentary card for a man who has no company. The card can say you are a CEO but in reality you are still a job seeker. What's the use.
My tutors are annoyed when they see me with a smartphone instead of a book, they call me Lazy and irresponsible, but forget that same laziness and irresponsibility gave a mansion to Linda Ikeji in Banana Island. How many professors have flats in that island? Creative Laziness pays these days.
These days they tell me that if I don't make up to 70% of my class attendance I wouldn't write exams, because they feel I know nothing unless they taught me. Such a big lie, because their classes are boring most times because I already know what they are teaching, though not because I am so smart but because they keep repeating same lessons, like Runtown's song on repeat. They stress themselves trying to make the course so difficult by telling me it is hard to pass a course I already know how to pass. I wonder why they still teach me self development. What happened to my studying on my own? After all there is a term as "Home Schooling".
I would have still loved school if they taught me how to make a car, and not the names of those that made cars, we spend more time in teaching history of an art or act than we spend teaching the art or act itself.
Don't blame me for hating school, rather blame my tutors for making school impossible for me to like. In the words of my friend and mentor, Suli Breaks, I dedicate this piece to all my pals who have found what they are looking for on Google, followed their dreams on Twitter, pictured their future on Instagram and accepted their destiny on Facebook. This is for you. School can not and would never define us, yes we may be tired of it, but we choose to complete it. Having in mind that what keeps us outstanding are not what we learnt in class but things we learnt through self development.

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