Tragedy: Man Throws Acid On Wrong Target Leaving Him Blind Permanently (see photos)

A 49 year old man reportedly pleaded guilty after carrying out a ‘life-changing’ acid revenge attack on a father of one – who turned out to be the wrong target.
David Phillips drove more than 300 miles to the Cornwall home of property developer Andrea Christopheros, whom he wrongly believed had harmed a member of his family...

According to UK Mirror, after he reached Mr Christopheros’s house in Truro, Phillips, a father of three, he knocked on the front door and hurled a beaker filled with sulphuric acid at the victim’s face.
Mr Christopheros, 30, was rushed to hospital with severe burns, where he was listed in a critical condition. He was left permanently blind and severely disfigured in the assault.

Phillips, from Hastings, East Sussex, admitted in court to unlawfully and maliciously causing grievous bodily
harm with intent on Andreas at his home in Carrine Road on December 9 last year.
He pleaded guilty on the day he was due to stand trial for the attack, which police described as an ‘ill-prepared and ill-executed’ revenge assault on the wrong man.
Phillips’s wife, Nicole Phillips, had been charged with perverting the course of justice. His 45 year old spouse wept in the dock – and seemed shocked by his confession. Mr Christopheros, meanwhile, appeared in public today for the first time
since the incident last December as Phillips admitted his guilt.
The victim wore sunglasses and a face shield, with extensive burns across his face still heavily visible.
What a ill-fated circumstance.....hope he recovers
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