Shocking: Yvonne Nelson Assaulted By Nigerian Man For Refusing His Hug

A Nigerian man in Ghana is on the run right now for Allegedly Assaulting Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson.
Reports By News One have it that the actress was physically assaulted by the said Nigerian man all because she refused to hug him.
The strange incident which happened in the presence of several eyewitnesses Saturday night during the birthday party of actress Ingrid Alabi in Accra was said to have frightened the victim...

Elvis Eze, apparently bent on unleashing violence on the actress, chased her to her car, fiercely pushed her head as though he was inviting her to a wrestling match
and was heard screaming at her and using very abusive adjectives including “who the f**k do you think you are?”
The timely intervention of eyewitnesses was what rescued the frightened actress from the physical attacks she was receiving from the incensed male adult
who was poised to humiliate his hapless female prey.
The case was reported to the East Legon Police but Elvis, also known as Elvis Casino, was still evading arrest as at press time Sunday.
Reports say Elvis was one of several persons invited to Ingrid’s party, where he met Yvonne Nelson as well as other celebrities including Eddie Nartey, Van Vicker , Nikki Samonas, Jasmine Baroudi , Khareema Aguiar, KOD and Ghana Movie Awards boss Fred Nuamah .
Elvis was said to have joined Yvonne to take photos with Ingrid and some others but after the photos, he requested a hug from Yvonne but she declined. This
infuriated him and he started assaulting her verbally before chasing her up to her car when she was leaving the party grounds.
Elvis, while going after the actress, was overheard yelling on top of his voice at that moment, “Who are you? Who the f**k do you think you are? Who do you
think you are?”
Yvonne Nelson however, reported the incident to the East Legon Police and a team was sent to contact Ingrid Alabi to
assist in locating Elvis. On reaching the house Elvis was supposed to be staying, occupants said he was not home.
An elderly man who identified himself as the owner of the house, however took the contacts of the police team and promised to produce Elvis Sunday noon after church.......... That man must be a psycho, lol. Probably he felt he was put off guard and decided to gain his ground. I personally don't see any issue in that so far she politely declined.... Ba?
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