F**king idiots that don't get their facts right - Michael Essien blasts bloggers

Ghanaian International footballer, Micheal Essien, has blasted soccer bloggers for alleging he is cheating on his wife.
The Panathinaikos FC Midfielder took to his instragram to call out a certain Ghanaian soccer blog over allegations that he washaving an affair with a Greek lady identified as Maria Kazerian...

The blog who is believed to have picked up a picture of Micheal Essien and his friend developed it and called it exclusive.
This angered the footballer and he minced no words as he took them to the cleaners.
Essien who is married to Akosua Puni was merely having a drink with Kazerian who happens to be a hostess at a bar in Greece.
Checkmating the story which was already getting replicated across several blogs, the former Chelsea FC player wrote:
"When you're minding your own business then you see so called ghanasoccernet writing stupid things about you thinking they've got an exclusive stories f**cking idiotsget your fact right and be professional about it before writing stupid things about others. Fools #commonsense #socheap."
See the photo that instigated the whole thing

 Source: Oshodi.tv
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