Mother severely burnt after bathingwith bleach

A young mum claims she suffered burns to 98 per cent of her body after being advised to take a bath with bleach in
Sarah Cole was left with horrific open sores and came close to death after getting into a hot bath in which she had poured a cup of bleach. The 29-year-old mum-of-three then soaked her entire body
in the solution, following advice from a so-called skin specialist on ways to combat eczema . Although there was no initial pain, Ms Cole , from Dapto in Australia, was left in agony two days later and rushed to hospital, where she would stay for a month in intensive care.
She told the Australian Daily Telegraph:
"My poor parents were pretty much planning my funeral."
Ms Cole before the Incident
Cole had originally gone with her own mother to seek help for her skin condition.
Neither woman was at first convinced after allegedly being advised to take a warm bath with bleach in, but it is claimed they were reassured it was a legitimate therapy Ms Cole said: "I can remember saying to him ‘there’s no way in hell I’m
going to bath in bleach, that’ll burn like crazy’ but he said to me and my mum ‘no, no, you have to try it'."
After being released from hospital following four weeks of intensive treatment, Ms Cole said she researched the advice on the internet but discovered she was only meant to use a quarter the amount of bleach that she claims she
was told to use. She said: "I’m scarred from head to toe so I’ve got a lot of horrible scars that I’m trying to deal with."
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