BIZARRE!!! Islamic School "Which Taught its Students Gay People Should Be Killed " Shut Down

Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls, a boarding school for muslim girls, has been ordered to close down its operations, after it was accused of teaching strict Sharia-style rules to its pupils.
According to Aliyah Saleem, a former student of the school, students of Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls located in Nottingham, were taught a number of extremist beliefs, including men should be able to beat their wives and gay people should be killed.
Given this, the £3,500-a-year independent school has been ordered by the Department for Education, according to close down.
Ms Saleem, who claims she was expelled in 2011 for owning a disposable camera, said: "At least four girls accused of being lesbians were expelled during my time. Teachers and pupils discussed it openly.
When contacted, management of the school through a press statement argues that the decision is "completely unbiased and unfair" and part of a "highly politicised agenda" of inspections at Muslim schools.

It said that Ms Saleem was expelled for "disruptive behaviour" and denied teaching that the death penalty was appropriate for gay men.....
Stay glued as more stories unfold...
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