BIZARRE!!! Woman Allegedly Kills Her Baby, Drinks Her Blood

Blood of Jesus!!! What kind of a mother could suddenly turn to a monster like this? Taking the very life and existence of her baby....
This woman identified as Ifeoma allegedly killed her one-year-old baby, plugged off her eyes and consequently drank her blood inside her husband's shop. This tragic event took place in Onicha Uboma Autonomous Community, Imo State.

According to report, Azubuike Emedom, her husband left his baby in the custody of his wife to go on a business trip, only to return the next morning to find out that the mother and child we’re missing. When he got to the shop, he discovered that the shop was locked from the inside.

Emedom reportedly broke down the door after repeated knocking only to find Ifeoma inside with blood on her mouth and the baby wrapped in blood stained cloth. He uncovered the baby and discovered that she had died, with her eye balls plucked out. Her hands and legs were also broken.

One of the community leaders alleged that Ifeoma is of a marine spirit. His words: “I believe she used this child for sacrifices, she sucked the blood of the child because by the time we caught her, her mouth was full of blood. She killed the baby intentionally.

She always renders sacrifice to their gods in the river. Some months ago, she attempted to kill a woman from our community. She injured the woman with a knife.” he said
May God have mercy on our souls....

Source: Greennews

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