Open Letter to NYSC (Must Read)

It's no more news that this year's orientation Course for prospective corp members has been shifted from the earlier date of 1st April, 2016 to 27th of April, 2016. This new development has indeed drawn different reactions from PCMs as so many have taken to social media to express their grievances over the inconsistency of NYSC management.... Below is an open letter by one of the prospective corp members

"I choose not to share pleasantries with you on
the basis of which I have chosen to write.
Pleasantries from it's name are for individuals
whom you're pleased with. Therefore I am not
pleased with you. I believe deeply that I do not
speak for myself alone; that will be selfish. I
believe all prospective corp members are equally
displeased and will as well express displeasure
by any means possible. At this point I believe
You have a glimpse of what all this displeasure
is all about. I and all other Nigerian students all
over the country can no longer be tossed as
coins on a field of play so let me remind you
your crime against the Nigerian Students who
are NYSC prospects. Not too long ago, you
declared that prospective corp members should
embark on an online registration and
mobilization, a process that wasn't friendly from
the very first day to the last. There was not a
single prospective corp member that did not
experience extreme difficulty in that process (a
process you will gladly call normal.) Let me also
point out here how insecure your website was on
the time of registration. How can a National
website of such nature be hacked by hackers?
How can unknown individuals hack into your
database and gain access to Every information
and details of students and was even bold
enough to exclaim that callup letters can be
printed via your own website. What were your
reactions to this? What plans have you made
towards hindering future incidences? All these
are a few of numerous questions you need to
answer. Back to the main issue at hand, after
date for online registration had closed, you
established the date for camp to be 2nd of
March, with hope those of us who had finished
school in 2014 rejoiced that we didn't have to
stay at home any longer with our parent's
eyebrows raised thinking if we really finished
school after missing the 2015 batch ( a batch
you only permitted two slots for) but our hopes
we're dashed when you declared again that the
March 2nd date cannot be achieved thus you
shifted it to 30th of March. Those of us who had
jobs began to tender their resignation letters,
some of us who had no jobs began to bid
farewell to boredom and lonely days, like songs,
we sang about our coming departure, with so
much joy and desperation we were eager to
serve our father's land, our bags we set, our
whites were white enough, we got new white
shoes, mothers Rejoiced with their sons and
daughters at last the clarion call was ready to be
answered but as we were set to go, again but
this time with ought most disdain you shifted the
date again to the 27th of April without
consideration of what it has taken us to get
here. Let give you a glimpse;
1. Most of us have been waiting to serve for 2yrs
now some of us more.
2. Most of us are out to serve with joy and
passion you have succeeded in taking that zeal
and passion from us.
3. Most of us have tendered resignation letters
at our various areas of well paid jobs. A
resignation letter we cannot retrieve.
4. Most of us (approximately 75%) who have
saved a lot or a little will go broke before 27
5. Most of us if not all of us will no longer be
believed when we say we are due for service.
These are a few of the circumstances you as an
organization have subjected prospective corp
members to. What have we done to deserve
such lame maltreatment? Or is it now a crime to
be a Nigerian student? Don't we deserve to
serve? Must our futures be gambled with all in
the name of politics?
DEAR NYSC… Let me make this clearly spelt out,
we will no longer condone this High level of
betrayal and disrespect for the Nigerian students
who NYSC prospects. Remember, "you can repair
broken children but not broken men…" DO NOT
test our resolve as Students if not, trust it will
turn out to be a situation you CAN NOT control.

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