Unbelievable: Woman Discovers Boyfriend of over two years is a Woman with Prosthetic Manhood

A woman tearfully told a court the moment she discovered her ‘boyfriend’ was a female friend using a fake penis when they had sex. The Mirror reports that she told the court how Gayle Newland masterminded the bizarre relationship, ordering her to wear
a blindfold and scarf during a five month period of intercourse.
The 25-year-old wore a swimming costume, wrapped her body in bandages and put a woolly hat on during their love
trysts to keep up the disguise, it is alleged.
She said in tears….
“He got to mine and something felt different.“We had sex and while I was having sex I grabbed for the back of his
head and my hand got caught in something. Something did not feel right and I sat up in the bed. He was standing up and something in my mind said, ‘pull it off, pull it off.’ I pulled it off and Gayle was standing there with a strap-on on. I just couldn’t believe it. Straight away as soon
as I pulled it off she pulled her hat over her face. 
“She said, ‘it is not what you think. I said, ‘you have got a strap-on in your bag. How can it not look like what it is?”‘
“I know it sounds pathetic, but I was just so happy at the time because I was in love with this person and we’d built this beautiful relationship. It was just based on, you know, our minds and all the other things that we had in common so I just felt grateful that I’d finally got a proper
The accused denies five counts of sexual assault by penetration, and insists the woman knew she was a woman and they were playing along to a consensual
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