Sperm Banks Offer ‘FreeiPhone 6s’ To Men Willing to volunteer Due To Donor Shortage

Men hoping to get their hands on an iPhone 6s have been given a chance to do so by donating at a sperm bank, NEWS UNITED has learnt
The sperm banks, in China, sent out WeChat messages to followers that offered potential donors just short of
the cash equivalent of the latest Apple gadget...
The users of the social network received a message called ‘ New ways to get an iPhone 6s’ with an image of
the much sought-after phone
It read: “The bank is seeking donors aged 22 to 45, each to receive £503, while the iPhone 6s is priced at £535 on the mainland.”
Hubei Human Sperm Bank in central China sent out their message on Monday, followed by Shanghai Human Sperm Bank at Renji Hospital, the latter of which has
been read more than 400,000 times.
This is very serious....more details coming
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