OMG! Doctors Take Selfies Beside Naked Women During Childbirth (NSFWPHOTOS)

Some doctors sparked public outrage after they posted selfies taken beside naked pregnant women inside delivery wards.
Several persons consider this act rather absurd since whatever happens in the ward should be private than publicly shared on the social media. One of such doctors, a student
obstetrician from Venezuela, identified as Daniel Sanchez, was recently blasted for uploading one such selfie on his Instagram page. He shared a photo of himself smirking as a woman, who is naked from the waist down, pushed her baby with what appears like the hands of one of his colleagues which were still in or around the unsuspecting mother’s vagina as the baby crowns.
He captioned the image “Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie.”
The doctor later wrote: “Bring kids into the world and reconstruct pussies..” boasting that his team give women vaginas that are ‘brand new, like a car with zero kilometres on the clock.”
Well over 4,000 agitated persons have signed a petition calling for disciplinary measures to be taken against
Although Sanchez later tendered an apology for posting the selfies, but he insisted that the woman gave him a go-
ahead order and he didn’t capture them himself. Even though we are not quite sure if the woman n question was aware that such shots were being taken of her, the
doctor claimed that there was no disrespect of womanhood
from them as neither her genitals nor face was clear. It is unclear whether the woman really did allow the photograph to be taken.
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