Good Heavens!!! Man Opens Fire On His Newborn Baby, Girlfriend AndPastor In Church

James Minter walked into the Oasis Church, sat between his girlfriend and one-month-old baby son before pulling a handgun and opening fire.
Jams Minter walked into the Oasis Church
The mother was shot in the face and shoulder while their newborn baby was shot in the hand. When an injured woman fell to the ground, a pastor bravely
confronted the gun man and tried to disarm him...

When members of the congregation finally managed to took away his gun, Minter ran out of the church but was quickly caught by police offciers less than 2km away.
All three victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. Minter has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and is now being held in jail.
The motive for the attack is believed to be a recent breakup between Minter and his girlfriend and visitation issues with their son.
May God have mercy on his children.
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