65 Year old German Dumps his 26 Yr Old African wife on Facebook (See why)

65-year-old German Pleschke Heinz-Georg took to his official Facebook account to post a message announcing the official separation from his Kenyan wife.
He wrote:
“All friends, note. After the unfortunate
incidents in recent weeks, caused by the
unlawful conduct before my wife (name
withheld), I hereby give official separation
from her now on, I take no liability for all
her financial or other transactions. I wish
her all the best for the future. But please,
do not come back.”

Mr. Heinz and his young wife have been
together for 8 years. They met in 2007 and
tied the knot in 2011. In an interview with
Citizen Digital, he revealed how he met his
wife and other sundry details.
“I met my wife in 2007 in Mombasa. Her daughter was six-months-old then. She also told me her dad had died in a road accident in Malindi. So,she needed somebody to take care of her. I agreed to chip in. I told her am too old to marry her; but she told me age is just but a number. She wanted something more meaningful out of the relationship, so I agreed to marry her in 2011. We have now been together for eight years – four dating, four in marriage.”
The German also said that until their split, he was the sole provider and sustainer of his wife’s lifestyle. “All through I made sure I supported her financially and she lacked
nothing. I would also make sure I visited
her in Kenya from Germany two times a
year; in June and December. I made sure
she is living well – I booked her an
apartment in Ukunda, opened her salon
business, which I came to understand she
closed down, sold it for small money and
used the funds to finance her hefty
lifestyle,” Sharing his relocation plans with
his wife, George disclosed: “I also told her
I know she misses me, but asked her to
be patient till I retire in 2013, and then I
would come and live with her in Kenya
forever. Perhaps buy a plot, make a home
and be in each other’s arms.”
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