Oshiomhole replies Orubebe, calls him an ‘illiterate Thug’

Edo State Governor, has reacted to comments against him by Godsday Orubebe, former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs.
Orubebe had in a statement on Wednesday, in response to an earlier verbal attack by the governor said: “I will disgrace him (Oshiomhole) publicly and tell the world about his dubious deeds as governor as well as his role in the botched Third Term Bid of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. “I am going to open his can of worms to the point that Nigerians will stone him if seen on the streets.
I don’t talk carelessly as I have my facts to prove my points.” However, a statement on Thursday by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Peter Okhiria, said “Reading Godsday Orubebe’s infantile outburst saying that the governor of Edo State is a “garage boy,” easily exposes the boondocks orientation and lowly mind of
someone, who almost plunged the country into political anarchy in the last general election. “It easily underscores one of the reasons why the Goodluck Jonathan administration failed abysmally to understand the nexus between promise and performance, between problems and solutions, and above all between prosperity and poverty.
“Orubebe is no more than a common tout and political thug, too illiterate to know the
difference between a “garage” and a “motor park,” recruited by his paymasters as Deputy Director-General of the 2015 Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organisation, and agent provocateur to truncate the last elections. “But for the maturity and sound leadership orientation of Professor Atahiru Jega, Nigeria would still have been reeking in utter anarchy and political protestations. “With such indecorous conduct coming from a man who ostensibly is an “Elder’ of a Church, calls to
question the whole essence of his character, personality, upbringing and spirituality. “That singular conduct of his at the election is a living symphony of his egregious blunder, absurdities, incongruities and oddities, all of
which are attributes of touts always desirous to make their voices heard.
“It is due to his amnesia that he forgot to
understand that as a Nigerian and Governor of a State, Oshiomhole has statutory right to go in and out of the Presidential Villa to discuss issues that affect Edo State. Former President
Jonathan was President of Nigeria and not President of his party, the PDP. He was under obligation to attend to all parties and persons irrespective of their political affiliation. “The real problem of former President Jonathan was having people like Orubebe, who pigeon-holed him as president of the Ijaw nation and prevented him from appreciating the enormity of the challenges facing the
Nigerian nation. “To further compound the challenges was the dénouement of his unruly and thuggish imputation during the elections…that notorious script; such a shameless role by a shameless father, who was supposed to be a role model
for good parenting.”
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