FUEL CRISIS: See the Situation of things at a Filling Station Somewhere Around Oke-Afa Jakande

The fuel crisis in Nigeria appears to have taken a plunge further as people now spend almost a day queuing at petrol station to get fuel.

As of this morning in one of the filling stations somewhere around Oke-afa, Jakande in Lagos, quite a large number of people as well as motorist were seen queued up waiting to buy fuel.
According to reports gathered this long queue of Jerry cans and vehicles seem to have started as early as 7am.

Speaking to jerryukandu.blogspot.com, one of the motorists (name with held), he said he's been at the station since morning but still haven't bought fuel.
"I've been here since morning hoping to fuel my car as well as buy for my generator, but as you can see, we are still waiting. And worse still we don't even know what they are saying, but all I know is I will get fuel here to avoid yesterday's experience" he said.
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Seriously, the government really needs to do something fast about this.

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