Female Critic Comes for Comedia Alibaba after displaying His Daughter's Award as the best in a math competition

Nigeria’s legendary stand-up Comedian
Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere with
the stage name Ali Baba has displayed a
picture of him and her daughter, holding
a certificate presented to her for coming
out best in Mathematics.
The 50-year-old proud dad took to
Instagram to display the pictures with
the caption;

VAvavoom comes home with a certificate
attesting to the fact that she is the best
student in Mathematics. She didn’t get
that from me. Must be Mummy Mary
again!!! Because, after Arithmetics… I
gave up. So she is nearly an all rounder.
in #Writing #poetry #piano#violin #flute #art #science #swimming …
By the way, that her smile is not for the
certificate ooo… It’s for what the
certificate has earned her. She now gets
an extra 1 hour of
watching #nickledeon#cartoons and her
favorite movies… This weekend in view!!!
However, after posting the photo, he had
to repost it with an entirely different
caption, after a particular lady on the
thread, warned him against showing of
his kids too much, and giving more
attention to one of his kids.
Here was his reply;
I am reposting this picture to open a new
page of discussion. Very often, after
posting somethings, on Instagram, I read
through all comments, listen to criticisms
and imbibe the encouragements. Today I
got a different kind of critic. A very
concerned friend of mine on Instagram
after reading my caption and reading the
accompanying comments from my friends on Instagram, sent me a direct message.
And to be honest, I kind of saw her point.
And her point was. I am over exposing my
daughter to strangers. Plus I was playing
up her academic exploits too much. “As if
she is an only child… try and balance
your show of affection to all your kids”.
Like I said I agreed with her completely.
Not until I went through her Instagram
handle and saw that she had posted a
video of her daughter dancing all the
later dance steps at a party. Leading to
her daughter winning the best dancer at
the birthday party. The event planner,
daughter and mum then struck a pose.
That got me thinking. Is it that
celebrating academic prowess of your
child has officially become a taboo and
the dancing skills of our children are now
priority billing? Because there are many
things I am thinking that I do not want
to share. What’s your take? PS: Let me
just add here, that after I saw that video,
I wish VAvavoom could dance as well as
her daughter SHA… The twisting,
twerking, moves and steps were on
point. #justsaying

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