White Lesbian Couple Furious After Giving Birth To Black Baby, (See why)

Jennifer Cramblett, 37, and partner Amanda Zinkon, 30, were shocked when their daughter was born with black
skin. And although the duo say they adore their three-year-old daughter Payton but have launched a case against the sperm bank claiming they were not culturally prepared to raise a mixed-race child.
The two women spent more than a year deciding on which donor
they wanted to father their child. They specifically chose a white donor with blonde hair and blue eyes and paid £1,500 (around N460,600) for his semen.
But a sperm bank employee misread Cramblett's handwrting and she was sent a sperm from an African American. And now the girl’s parents are afraid that their daughter will face racial prejudice in a town where the majority of population is white.

When the mistake was discovered the
sperm bank sent an apology letter and a partial refund. Nevertheless, the pair have taken the company to court.
An excerpt from the lawsuit said: “Jennifer was crying, confused and upset. All of the thought, care and planning that she and Amanda had undertaken to control their baby’s parentage had been rendered meaningless. In an instant Jennifer’s excitement and anticipation of her pregnancy was replaced with anger, disappointment and fear.”
Despite the presiding judge has dismissed their legal claim, the couple is not giving up as they are planning to resubmit their claim....and this time, on the grounds of negligence.
Why go through such rigorous process if after everything, your child still maintains that beautiful chocolate colour? Some people sha.......
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