PHOTO: Meet self acclaimed world sexiest hacker

A tech expert going under the name, SexyCyborg, in a post on the image-sharing website, Imgur, she showed off a
way of hiding hi-tech hacking technology in a pair of high heeled shoes.
All she would need to do then is trick her way into an enemy's headquarters, where she could remove the attack tool from her shoe and wreak havoc.
"I’m a natural honeypot. I think there's a reasonable chance that a guy might invite me back to their office after a few drinks in the neighborhood, but a handbag would be suspicious and leaving cell phones at the gate would be standard practice in any reasonably secure facility. "My typical clothing does not leave room to hide anything which is all the more reason they would not be suspicious of me. With my shadowless shoes I distract the target with my upper body and they don’t see the real danger on my feet, " she wrote.

Within her high heel lurks a variety of hacking devices including a USB keylogger, which can be plugged into a
computer and record every letter type by its user, allowing her to harvest passwords or other sensitive information. The stiletto also hides a pen testing device which can be plugged into a network, allowing her to remotely access it.
Source: The Pulse
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